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   Welcome Aboard!

    H2Overdrive is a high-octane boat racing game in the old school arcade tradition. There are power ups, ludicrous speeds,
    insane jumps and the giddy satisfaction of ramming your opponents into a watery grave. For those of you familiar with
    the classic Hydro Thunder, H2Overdrive will bring back fond memories and make you feel right at home. Some have even  
    called it a spiritual successor. That is fine with us since several of us worked on the original.

    Here are just a few of the game play features that we hope will make H2Overdrive an instant classic:

    - 7 beautiful and highly detailed watery tracks from around the world.

    - 9 high powered boats with various hull designs, each with powerful, multi-stage rocket boosters.

    - Upgrade your boat to tap into additional moves and abilities 

    - Attack other boats with MegaHull and HullCrusher moves.

    - Dazzling wipeouts.

    - Jump your boat on demand to reach collectables and secret paths 

    - Collect boosters and super boosters and watch your boat transform.

    - Hit ramps and fly off epic waterfalls and pull off cool boat stunts in midair.

    - Battle it out in 8-player linked multiplayer.

    - Players can create profiles to save their game progress, and resume at a later time.

   H2Overdrive is out now. Find it. Play it. Let us know what you think - feedback@specular.com



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  NOTE: SP = Achievement is available in Single Player games.  MP = Achievement is available in Multi Player games

Name How SP MP
Hull Ding MegaHull an AI boat.
High Flier Perform a HyperJump.
Gimme the Gold Collect a Super Booster.
Booty! Pick up a crate booster.
Rampin’ Up Hit every ramp along the main path.
Braggin’ Rights Place 1st in a multiplayer race.
Super Hull Ding Super MegaHull an AI boat.
Granny Avoid all ramps and jumping throughout the entire race.
Play With Me Play a multiplayer race.
What’s Mine is Mine Mine 3 AI boats in a single race.
No Stone Unturned Find a secret path. 
Hull Crusher HullCrush an AI boat.
In No Hurry Finish exactly 7th place in a single player race.
Tricky Flipper Perform a flip stunt.
Hull Crushin’ King HullCrush a player boat.
Environmentalist Keep your boost gauge empty throughout an entire race.
Lots of Booty! Pick up at least 3 crate boosters.
Operation Finish a race without colliding with any land.
Hull King MegaHull a player boat.
Takin’ It Easy Finish exactly 6th in a single player race.
Hull Scratch MegaHull 3 AI boats in the same race.
Be Mine Mine another human player.
Super Hull Scratch Super MegaHull 3 AI boats in the same race.
Just Cruisin’ Along Finish exactly 5th in a single player race.
Lucky Ghost Pick up an invisible booster.
Self Starter Perform a Super Start.
Close Enough Finish exactly 4th in a single player race.
Double High Flier Perform a double HyperJump.
Tricky Roller Perform a roll stunt.
I Let You Win Finish exactly 3rd in a single player race.
Hull Crushin’ Fool HullCrush 3 AI boats in the same race.
Tricky Spinner Perform a spin stunt.
Tricky Slider Perform a HyperSlide.
Missed It By That Much Finish exactly 2nd in a single player race.
No Stunt, No Glory Perform a successful stunt off every ramp along the main path.
Boat Lover Race every boat on this track.
Hull Breach MegaHull 5 AI boats in the same race.
Must Win Finish 1st in a single player race.
Hull Crushin’ Maniac HullCrush 6 AI boats in the same race.
Hull Master MegaHull a player boat 3 times in the same race.
Nothin’ Left To Do Finish 1st in a fully upgraded boat.
Gettin’ Dizzy Perform 3 stunts off a single ramp.
Low Skillz Get 1st without HyperJumping.
Lucky Ghost & Friends Pick up all invisible boosters.
Bronze Award Get 1st place 5 times on this track.
Like Clockwork Finish this track at least once a day for 5 days in a row.
Silver Award Get 1st place 10 times on this track.
Gold Award Get 1st place 15 times on this track.
Super Hull King Super MegaHull a player boat.
Titanium Award Get 1st place 20 times on this track.
Bruiser MegaHull or HullCrush 200 boats over time on this track.
Champion Bruiser MegaHull or HullCrush 500 boats over time on this track.
Buoy Call Find and MegaHull Bob N. Buoy with a level 40 boat.


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